What a great show-I sure hope you got to see it!

Just back home from watching “Cadence-An A Capella History of Music Through the Voice.”   I found this to be a really long and cumbersome name for such a fun and energetic show!

Today we were treated to music’s history heading from a gregorian chant in the 1500’s and through the magic of a singing time machine we journeyed all the way to the conclusion which was One Directions hit ‘That’s What Makes You Beautiful.’. Along the way we stopped in 1962, the 1970’s and then into the 1990’s with a nod for the parents attending the show.  Even writing this now, it sounds dull, but this show is put together in such a way that even the littlest ones in our audience were able to follow along and enjoy.

This truly lively and engaging show had audience members of all ages snapping, clapping, singing and cheering for the four fantastic singers.  Although our question period didn’t bring up the questions I was expecting, the performers remained gracious and fun throughout the entire performance making it a great experience for all.

For myself , the biggest disappointment of the show was that it was simply over too soon.

I look forward to the opportunity to see these performers again at another show in the future and am so glad they kicked off our season with such style!

Thank you!

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