Past Season Show Archive

Shows for 2016/2017 Season


“Duo Hoops”

Sunday, October 16th, 2016 at 2:00pm
Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion, Haliburton
by David Fiset and Becky Priebe (Quebec)

DUO LOOPS - Razzamataz 2016-2017One enormous hula hoop, two eccentric characters… and loads of fun! David and Becky are a loveable, dynamic duo, despite their flaring personality differences. Duo Hoops will dazzle you as much with their tricks as with their bizarre wit and absurd humour. They come together to hula hoop (with hoops of all sizes), juggle and toss each other around.

Razzamataz Kids’ Shows! are made possible in part by grants from the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Ontario Arts Council.

“Professor Wick’s Incredible Magic Factory”

Sunday, January 15th, 2017 at 2:00pm
Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion, Haliburton
by MAJINX (Ontario)

Professor Wick’s Incredible Magic Factory - Razzamataz 2016-2017Professor Wick invites the audience on a tour of his Incredible Magic Factory where he designs and constructs magical props. He reveals the fact that some of his best ideas come from the pages of children’s literature such as ‘Alice In Wonderland’, ‘Aladdin’, ‘Pinocchio’, and ‘Peter Pan’.  The professor pulls some of these books off the shelf and demonstrates the magic inspired by these timeless classics. Floating on a magic carpet, stepping through a mirror and turning a puppet into a real person: these are just some of the magical adventures that the audience will experience when they witness the wonders of Professor Wick.

Razzamataz Kids’ Shows! are made possible in part by grants from the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Ontario Arts Council.


Sunday, February 26th, 2017 at 2:00pm
Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion, Halibuton
by Ballet Creole (Ontario)

SarakaIn Saraka, a drum fete, dancers become drummers and drummers become dancers in the trance of celebration. The spirits are implored to partake of the offering of food, prayer, song, and dance. Artistic Director, Patrick Parson returns to the drums with a source of musical and transformative inspiration. Set against the backdrop of live African and Caribbean music, Saraka unites dancer to musician and invites the audience to witness dancers with virtuosic grace and athleticism. Saraka is a union of contemporary dance, African and Caribbean music and a testament to the power of the drum.

Ballet Creole are represented by Prologue to the Performing Arts, a charitable organization dedicated to bringing the performing arts to young people.

dh3Thank you to Dance Happens Here Haliburton for helping to make this performance possible.

Razzamataz Kids’ Shows! are made possible in part by grants from the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Ontario Arts Council.


Sunday, April 9th, 2017 at 2:00pm
Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion, Haliburton
by L’Aubergine (Quebec)

TERZETTO - Razzamataz 2016-2017Three doors, three chairs, three wooden boards…One light bulb…

In this timeless setting, the very different worlds of three clowns will collide. Gradually forgetting their own individuality, they build rapport around what they hold most dear: their playfulness, their ‘joie de vivre’ and an uncontrollable imagination.
Struggling with their own silliness and enthusiasm, which sometimes prevent them from seeing further than the tips of their toes, they meet, size each other up, experience some friction and create new bonds based on their unique abilities. For one of them, it is the flexibility of her body, for another, it is the tessitura of her voice, and finally, for the last one, it is the sheer excess of her constructions.
Through various scenes forged with humor and flair, this performance examines the topic of human relationships. It inspires playfulness, joy, and—most of all—lots of laughter, as these three clowns have a few tricks up their sleeves.
Razzamataz Kids’ Shows! are made possible in part by grants from the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Ontario Arts Council.

Shows for 2015/2016 – Our 30th Anniversary Season!


“Razzamataz Kids’ Shows! 30th Anniversary Celebration”

Folk dance workshop for families by Hannah Shira Naiman, Ontario
Saturday, October 3rd, 2015
Haliburton ColourFest 2015
1:00pm – 1:45pm & 2:15pm – 3:00pm
Head Lake Park, Haliburton

Come celebrate our 30th anniversary at ColourFest! with free family folk dance!


Sunday, October 4th, 2015 at 2:00pm
Winner of the Coup de Coeur du Public award 2013-2014, Trois-Rivières
L’Aubergine, Quebec

Razzamataz 2015/2016 - DadaLeopold Minute, a clockmaker who has been repairing his clients’ watches, clocks and alarm clocks for years is rocked to sleep by the tick-tack sounds in his shop. He enters a dream world full of dance, music, juggling and acrobatics. There, he is confronted by his shyness and his desire to take risks, by the softness of the cello and the fast flips of the accordion. Join Leopold in his magical journey of discovery where Leopold discovers what makes him ‘tick’.

“Dance residency by Motus O Dance Theatre, Ontario”

January 9th & 10th, 2016
In collaboration with Haliburton Dance Arts Academy & Heritage Ballet Haliburton

Participants will join the cast in the subsequent public performance of “Alice”.

Workshop 1: Ages 6 – 11
Workshop 2: Age 12 & up
Cost: $30
Maximum number of participants: 40

Click here for a copy of the registration form.

For further information contact Dawn Hurd @ 705-854-0728.


Sunday, January 10th, 2016 at 2:00pm
Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion, Haliburton
Motus O Dance Theatre, Ontario

Razzamataz 2015/2016 - AliceDance! Theater! Triathlon! “Alice” is an innovative, witty and vibrant interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s famous novels, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Everyone will recognize Carroll’s eccentric characters, from Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, to the Mad Hatter and the vivacious Queen of Hearts. Rich in athletic choreography, coupled with mime, spoken text and with an eclectic musical score, this fast paced production will hurl you into another world and leave you breathless. Professional dancers will be joined on stage by dance residency participants.

“Everybody Loves Pirates”

Sunday, February 21st, 2016 at 2:00pm
Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion, Halibuton
Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers, Maine

Razzamataz 2015/2016 - Everybody Loves Pirates“Everybody Loves Pirates” is a light-hearted, funny story of a young girl named Lucy and her goofy friend, Little Chucky who discover a treasure map while fishing. They decide to set out on a quest to find their fortune. Unfortunately, they run into a group of bumbling pirates who try to thwart their efforts by stealing the treasure. Of course, it all works out in the end with some help from Chucky and Lucy’s new ocean-dwelling friends, including Lobster Boy, Crabby and a wise Sea Monkey. Hilarious for all ages.

“Queen of Colours – La Reine des Couleurs”

Sunday, April 17th, 2016 at 2:00pm
Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion, Haliburton
Bilingual English/French – Compagnie des Voisins

Razzamataz 2015/2016 - Queen of ColoursFrom Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Bucharest, Los Angeles, Vancouver to Haliburton: This enchanting world-wide hit has delighted audiences across the globe. The play blends shadow puppetry, live music, painting and video projection to create a magical event for the young and young at heart. Here, a bossy, bored little queen lives in a monochromatic universe until the court painter injects a painterly palate into her drab world revealing the emotional resonance of colour.

Shows for the 2014-2015 Season


“where the wild things are”

Where the Wild Things Are

A production by Presentation House, British Columbia
Directed by Kim Selody

Let the royal rumpus begin! Maurice Sendak’s beloved story comes to life in Kim Selody’s Dora nominated production, where the audience is immersed in Max’s make-believe world. Travel across the ocean, crash through the forest and become part of the wild rumpus as Max conquers his fears to become King of the Wild Things.

“(It) is not only hearing their favourite bedtime story, but actually being their favourite bedtime story. What kid wouldn’t want to a part in that?”
Winnipeg Free Press

(‘where the wild things are’ photo credits – Chris van der Schyf)

“James Hill and Anne Janelle: All Aboard the Ukulele Train”

Ukelele Train

Equal parts disarming, captivating and mind-blowing: Ukulele master James Hill has four genre-bending albums to his name and a fan-base that spans the globe. His inventiveness and passion for sharing music through this fun, kid-sized instrument makes him an instant hit for all ages. Anne Janelle sweetens Hills sound with seamless harmony vocals and cello lines. This duo is certain to delight and surprise.

“…the Wayne Gretsky of the ukulele.”
Stuart McLean, The Vinyl Café, CBC Radio

(James Hill & Anne Janelle are represented by Prologue to the Performing Arts, a charitable organization dedicated to bringing the performing arts to young people.)

“The Mask Messenger”

The Mask MessangerFaustwork Mask Theatre

The Mask Messenger is a tour de force solo performance that utilizes theatre, physical comedy, quick-change artistry, and masked transformations in a series of vignettes that range from comic to tender to bizarre. Half-masked characters speak; full masked characters remain silent while speaking volumes with convincing body language and a dancer’s grace. This show brims with wisdom and insight, even though at times audiences are laughing too hard to notice.

“Stunning…indefinable…somewhere between the sculptural fantasies of Mummenschanz and the precision mime of Marcel Marceau.”
The Montreal Gazette

“Inventive, magical, never less than completely absorbing.”
The Toronto Star

(Faustwork, Ontario is represented by Prologue to the Performing Arts, a charitable organization dedicated to bringing the performing arts to young people.)


BaobabCo-production by Théâtre Motus, Québec & Sô Company, Mali
Directed by Hélène Ducharme

In this spellbinding African fable, a child born from an egg produced by the ancient Baobab tree holds the key to the region’s survival. Storytelling, puppetry, masks and live music combine to create a mythic world where African percussion instruments transform into animals and masks and puppets become genies or witches.

Children will leave feeling hopeful and uplifted knowing that no one is too small to make a difference.

“Baobab is storytelling theatre at its best, a wonderful way to discover the tree of life”
St. Albert Gazette

2013/2014 season of Razzamataz

“An A Capella History Through the Voice”

Presented by Cadence

CadenceTake a trip through time with Cadence as they cover over 100 years of vocal music in 50 minutes! This Juno-nominated quartet will cover such musical styles as Gregorian chant, Classical, Choral, Jazz, Doo-Wop, Rock, Blues, and more, incorporating mind blowing instrumental imitation, high energy antics and audience participation.

“Molly and the Oak Island Treasure”

Presented by Maritime Marionettes

Molly and the Oak Island TreasureMolly, her boat, and Pixie, her little fairy friend, set out on a marvelous adventure in search of buried treasure. Along the way she meets Ulgimmo, a Mik’maq boy, and other new friends that help her in completing her wondrous journey. The wooden marionettes come to life in the hands of Heather and Darryll Taylor enchanting children and parents alike. A treasure hunt for self-discovery, Molly and the Oak Island Treasure will touch your heart and awaken the child in us all.

“Mr. E.”

Presented by Eric Leclerc, Canada’s Magic Champion

The Mysteries of Mr E

This is the show that has made Eric Leclerc one of Ottawa’s most sought after children’s entertainers. It offers side-splitting comedy and amazing magical illusions for any age group. Eric is a master at commanding the attention of everyone in the room. From ages 3 and up, the show is guaranteed to keep everyone laughing and engaged in the presentation. This show is always a hit and is perfect for creating magical memories for the entire family.

“Evolution of BBoying”

Presented by BBoyizm Dance Company

Evolution of BBoyingB-boying, born in the early 1970’s, is a dance form that now has a significant international following and reputation. In addition to its roots in funk music and African American culture, the dynamic acrobatic aspects of B-boying make it one of the most unique dances in the world.

The Evolution of BBoying takes the audience from the 70’s into the 90’s with dramatic costume and music changes building up to the dance form as it practiced today. Yvon Soglo brings together some of the best street dancers in Canada to present an interactive show that will amaze young audiences and adults alike.

2012/2013 season of Razzamataz

“Cake and I Scream”

Presented by Heath Tarlin Entertainment

This is a story of two people, Hank and Shirley, trying their hands at opening a brand new restaurant. There is only one problem, it’s right next to an amusement park! Hank and Shirley are a little worried about competing with all the fun next door, until they hit on a plan to make their restaurant every bit as entertaining as the rides and games at the amusement park. Yes, they’re spicing it up and we’re not talking about the food! The main dish is on fire, the plates are spinning and the spaghetti is flying! The big question is – will Hank and Shirley’s crazy inventions and wild antics make their restaurant a success? Of course! This is a comedy!

“Peter Pan”

Presented by Dufflebag Theatre

The Dufflebag actors begin the retelling of the classic fairy tale, Peter Pan. Just when the audience becomes enthralled by the story – a twist is created! Before your very eyes, audience members are invited on stage and are drawn into the action. This unpredictable performance is a hilarious experience for all ages and a truly unique interactive theatrical experience where the dream of living a fairy tale actually does comes true!

“The Wind in the Willows”

Presented by Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre

With exceptional puppetry, theatre, storytelling, dance, music and visual art, the Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre tells this wonderful story of four little animals – the shy Mole, Rat, who loves the river, Badger who doesn’t go out much, and Toad, whose boisterous adventures can have dangerous consequences – stand up to bullies, rescue a baby otter, and learn how to listen to what the wind whispers in the willows, all along the river.

“The Great Balanzo!”

Presented by Circus Montreal

The Royal Balanzos were exiled from their homeland hundreds of years ago. Since then they have travelled the world surviving as circus performers. Now there is only one left – don’t miss The Great Balanzo! It’s a hilarious circus & comedy show with that classic old fashioned feeling.

A gourmet fusion of circus, comedy and theatre. An all ages show that has been seen live by over a million people in 13 countries around the world. The recipe: Begin with one comic gentleman, add a crowd, mix in exciting circus props plus amazing stunts & tricks. The result: a unique and popular show filled with silly elegance and cheering audiences.

2011/2012 season of Razzamataz

“A Christmas Carol”

Presented by DuffleBag Theatre Company

Get into the holiday spirit as DuffleBag Theatre presents A Christmas Carol. This is a hilarious encounter for children and adults alike and a truly unique theatrical experience where the dream of living a fairy tale actually does come true!

“Circus Terrifico”

Presented by Motus O Dance Threatre

We first meet our performers boarding the train to their next show. A case of vanishing tickets, however thwarts their plans and strands them on the platform. It takes every trick in the book (and their suitcases) to create an impromptu show to raise money for new tickets. Performed with the signature MOTUS O physicality and humour, see for yourself how a little magic, some juggling, tight-rope walking and fortune telling can fulfill every childs fantasy to ‘run off and join the circus!’

“Sheesham and Lotus”

Presented by Sheesham and Lotus

Sheesham and Lotus hold concerts for the young and old alike. Steeped in the traditions of the past, Sheesham and Lotus pass on methods for music making that come from a time when instruments were scarce and mass media unheard of. A time when families entertained themselves with dance, music and stories. The music of Sheesham and Lotus could be described as American roots music. They love to play fiddle tunes, hokum blues songs and ragtime string music.


Presented by Little Red Theatre

Babar by Jean De Brunhoff tells the story of a young elephant who leaves the jungle, visits a big city and returns to the jungle to share his successes and discoveries with the other elephants. He becomes a king, has children Pom, Flora, Alexander and Isabel and teaches them all his valuable lessons!