Do you love theater, music and dance? Help Wanted!

Please help Razzamataz Kids’ Shows! to bring high quality live performing arts to families in Haliburton County.

Razzamataz Kids’ Shows is looking for volunteers to program the organization’s annual Family Entertainment Series, to design and manage print advertising, and to write funding proposals. We are also looking for a person to liase with schools and other organizations in our efforts to bring performing arts to the community.

Free webinars for professional development on a wide range of topics relating to presenting are available to members of Razzamataz Kids’ Shows! through Ontario Presents.

We are looking for:

An Artistic Director who should

  • have great interpersonal skills
  • research recent developments in family entertainment
  • attend 1 to 2 events showcasing the exciting works of artists performing for a family audience
  • liaise with a network of children’s presenters of Northern Ontario
  • Participate in conference calls with the network of children’s presenters to select performances to be included in Razzamataz Kids’ Shows! Family Entertainment Series
  • manage the contracting of artists
  • book the venue for each show
  • use the online file sharing service SamePage to maintain a list of recommended artists and performances and to upload letters of agreement, contracts and promotional materials
  • gather promotional materials from the artists and make these and other relevant materials are accessible to other committee members
  • Work closely with the committee’s treasurer and the person writing funding proposals

A Graphic Designer who should

  • Design annual brochure
  • Design print advertising (posters, newspaper ads, poster board,…)
  • Ensure timely delivery of print advertising

A Grant Proposal Writer who should

  • Have good writing skills
  • Communicate with representative of funding agencies
  • Write two funding proposals each year (OAC, Department of Canadian Heritage)
  • Work together with the Artistic Director and Treasurer to inform the grant proposal.
  • Collect all media which showcase or advertise Razzamataz for use in report writing
  • Write two annual reports (OAC, Department of Canadian Heritage)
  • Archive funding proposals and written communications on paper and using the online file sharing service SamePage.

A Liaison person who should

  • have good verbal skills
  • work closely with the artistic director in planning community outreach programs and cooperative efforts with other organizations.

If you’re interested or have any questions, please contact Dawn Hurd at 705-854-0728.


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