Well, it has been an interesting journey to get here but guess what everyone…here we are! Welcome to the first blog post for Razzamataz Kids Shows!

We are a locally run, not for profit organization which is dedicated to bringing high quality live entertainment to the County of Haliburton. We are currently in our 26th year and have literally been entertaining and engaging the young people of Haliburton County for all of this time.

Every year we bring 4 totally different shows to the county for families to enjoy. Sometimes they are theatrical productions, sometimes they are rock concerts, sometimes there are storytellers with puppets and props, and other times we have clowns and physical gymnastic routines. The only thing that we can for sure promise is that it will NEVER be the same show twice!

You have young children and aren’t sure if they will sit through the 1 hour production – that’s okay. The performers that we recruit usually have audience participation as a bare minimum. Often the kids will be asked to dance at their seat, or wave their arms in the air or something active which keeps the kids interested.

The typical age range is anywhere from newborn up to 100+ however, the shows themselves are aimed for children between 2 & 12 years old. As mentioned earlier, each show is different so some will be for more of the upper end and some for the lower end of this age range. As part of the committee for the last 4 years I can honestly tell you that until I see the show I don’t know which age range each production will fit in.

We strongly encourage you to come on out to a show and to see what we are all about. For $24 you can get a season pass for all 4 shows – I’ll do the math for you – the cost there is $6/show. Really, where can you find live entertainment for a cost of $6/show. This season pass ticket price is the same whether you are an adult or a child and passes are transferable if you are unable to make a show! What a deal!!!

So, really, there is no reason why you shouldn’t come on out and give us a try. We look forward to wowing you!

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