Baobab – A Review by an 11 year old.

The Baobab tree was one of the most interactive shows I’ve ever seen in Razzmatazz. They told and showed us a story (at the same time) about a boy searching for water and the sun’s heart. The show itself was amazing and fun! It was an engaging show that all of the kids (I think) loved! They had amazing art work as well! They had many different costumes and fun ideas that I personally loved! The thing I think most of the kids loved was, the Baboon suit, that actress did amazing pretending to be a monkey.

I thought it was fun, interactive, interesting and just something amazing people come up with!


The Mask Messenger Workshop – from a 10 year old…

Masked Jocey

Well as you see in the photo over there – I`m in a mask!

This mask was used in the show on Sunday, Feb 22nd presented by Razzamataz Kids` Shows! But as you can also see from the title, I’m not talking about the show, I will be talking about a workshop my class and I got to do.

On Monday, Feb 23rd Rob Faust brought in some of his masks (he made them himself in 40 hours+- per mask). He also told us about how he made some of the masks. One of the masks was made out of leather, another of plastic, another of plaster and others of wood. Most were made from wood. He also told us that he had based one of them on Eleanor Roosevelt!

Anyway we got to try on some of the masks and act as the masks character.  I thought it was awesome! He asked if we thought it was harder or easier than we thought I said, “I think it was harder cause you’re trying not to be yourself. I think that most people thought the same way. My classmate responded, “I think it was easy because I chose a mask that basically is me.”  That response was the one that I thought most about because this was an interesting way to approach choosing a mask.

Anyway, I think it was totally worth it!

If you hear his name, Rob Faust or Faustwork Mask Theatre you should go and see him.

I loved it!   

Get ready to laugh until your sides hurt!

0020028-R1-E002Razzamataz Kids’ Shows! presents the hilarious Faustwork production of ‘The Mask Messenger’ this Sunday February 22. The show starts at 2pm at the Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion in Haliburton.

This outstanding performance is the third Razzamataz show of this season, and isn’t a story or ritual but an improv show about masks and recognizable characters.

Creator Rob Faust, says he brings a variety of around 25 masks to every show. Some are worn on the face, some masks are worn on the back of the head and a few a worn on top of the head. While many masks are brought, Faust only ends up using between 18-20 masks depending on the audience. And since every audience is different, every show isn’t always the same.

“Masks have a universal appeal. They have been used by almost every cultural, “says Faust. “They help to explain the forces of evil, to connect us with our ancestors, they protect us, and they delight us. So because of that appeal and the power of transformation, I think masks will always fascinate people. It happens right in front of your eyes – with no tricks or editing. You turn around, your back to the audience to put on a mask and then turn to face the audience with a new character, there is just this feeling of ‘where did that guy go and look who’s here now’”.

Faust, a New Orleans native, grew up with the whole carnival Mardi Gras atmosphere.

“I grew up wearing masks every year on the streets at Mardi Gras parties, until I saw how much fun they were. When I was studying performing arts, I took a class where we were using masks as training tools and I saw their power of instant transformation and that’s what got me.”

The message in ‘The Mask Messenger’ is simple, we all have many masks inside of us.

“I want people to feel free to express many sides of themselves to many different people,” says Faust. “We are all interested in transformation – we want to change and yet we resist change. I want people to come away from the show a little bit more relaxed and feel like they can stretch into different roles and reveal not just their happy side or their sad side – but to get out there, talk about, express it, move through it. So when they see me doing this, literally embodying this message by changing my body, changing characters, I want people to think ‘yeah, I can do this in my life.”

Faust isn’t new to the Haliburton Highlands. He has taught mask making and mask movement at Fleming College a couple of years ago, and has relaxed as a cottager as well.

Monday following the performance, some students at JDH will be attending a mask making course where they will learn body awareness exercises and attempt to bring masks to life by using their bodies. Faust says he finds some kids gain confidence while wearing masks.

“That’s the nature of the mask- you feel safe behind it and with that safety you have confidence to be more expressive because then you can be like ‘hey it wasn’t me it was the mask.”

Tickets to ‘The Mask Messenger’ are available at the door – $8 for adults, $6 for kids and those under two are free. Tickets are also available online at


Razzamataz Kids’ Shows! is a local non-profit volunteer group that has been bringing high quality live children’s entertainment to Haliburton County for close to 30 years.

Razzamataz at Trash & Treasure Show

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at the Trash & Treasure show.

More ‘Mr E’ Pics

Courtesy of Cathy. Click to enlarge.

A 9 Year Olds Perspective…

My name is Jocelyn.  I’m nine years old and I’ve been to a lot of the Razzmatazz shows and they have all been  amazing!

The last show I was at was in The Northern Lights Performing Art’s Pavilion and “Mr. E” was performing.  He was so funny, he made all the parents and the kids laugh.  I thought he was funny because he pulled a ball from his butt, he made his head both shrink and grow big and he even cut himself in half!  I had tears running down my face, I laughed so hard.

I love going to Razzamataz , they choose the best performers!  I wish I can go to them forever.  What I’m trying to say is Razzmatazz is AWESOME!!!!!!!

Marionette Workshop at Archie Stouffer

Here are some photos from the marionette workshop that was held at Archie Stouffer. Thanks to everyone involved.

Photos from the Marionette Workshop

Here are some photos from last weekend’s Marionette Workshop. Thanks to all who attended.


Mark the Calendar for November 16th and 17th!

The Razzamataz Kids’ Shows! committee members are working hard to make this season the best one ever by bringing to Haliburton County the opportunity to not just watch a show but to also participate with the creation of your very own hand crafted 4 string marionette.

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with the Maritime Marionettes (who are preforming “Molly and the Oak Island Treasure” on Sunday, November 17th) to offer 3 “Build Your Own Marionette” workshops! Two of these workshops will be held within the school time frame in conjunction with the Trillium Lakelands District School Board but one is open to the public.  That means you can create your own 4 string marionette also!

Marionette Molly and the Oak Island TreasureWorkshop Details

Date:  Saturday November 16th, 2013

Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Location: Haliburton Highlands Museum, 66 Museum Road Haliburton

Age Group:  4 and Up (Have to attend with a competent caregiver)

Cost: $30.00 per participant

Register:  Contact Dawn Mole-Hurd @ 705-854-0728 or email

Register with payment holds your spot.  Paypal is available at

As this is something that we are trying for the first time we would appreciate any feedback that can be offered about the workshop so that we will know if this is something that we can/should do in future years.

It’s Santa Time Again…

Watch for Razzamataz Kids’ Shows! Orang-utan “Razzie” to be walking in a Santa Claus parade near you!

So far, we are committed to walking in the Minden parade on Saturday, November 23rd and look forward to seeing many of our friends in the audience cheering us on as we pass by!